About the Artist
In 1998, when he was 16, Phillip Butah was the youngest prizewinner in the competition Young Artists’ Britain: The Prince of Wales’s Young Artists’ Award. This encouraged him to take up art seriously, and he went on to study Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. Phillip Butah is an outstanding draughtsman whose skills are particularly suited to portraiture. Apart from the accuracy and detail of visual appearance, Phillip’s drawings also capture the character and personality of the person in front of him.

Since he was a teenager, he has used himself as a model and sketched his own face from different angles and in different lights and colours. He is fascinated by the subtleties of the art of portraiture – especially how slight changes in the angle of a head, or in the use of a particular line, colour or texture, can affect the mood of a picture. So he often produces several drawings of a person to reflect different aspects of their character. There is an underlying humanity in his work. He lives and has his studio in the East End of London.

Commissioning A Portrait

Phillip Butah is an artist who draws his silent wonder at the uniqueness of every individual. You get the feeling from his portraits that though there are billions of us on this planet, Phillip Butah would find each of us an interesting subject to draw. Not just once but again and again. Imagine owning an outstanding portrait by Phillip Butah, it’s easier than you’d think. Portrait prices upon request and can be paid in installments, usually with a quarter upfront. With the last installment upon delivery.

Phillip Butah will personally travel to your home environment or to the location of your choice. The sitting will require no longer that one hour per person. The majority of the time will be spent on composition sketches, the sittings will be an enlightening experience, as well as individual photographs that will be used for reference material and for the final portrait.

He will then proceed to create the full portrait in his East London studio. The portrait will be completed in six days, then if requested Phillip will use his expertise to personally frame the piece. This will be based on your chosen, colours, composition, and home decor which he will have already evaluated during the portrait sitting. Framing is inclusive. The highly finished portrait will then be delivered by recorded delivery to you home or location.

You will not need to sign a contract, however you may be asked to kindly lend work back to the artist in anticipation of exhibitions. In these cases work will be sent back. Phillip Butah’s portraits utilize his own technique which has the reminiscence of the “old master” drawings. His images not only capture detail in visual appearance but also something much deeper an heartfelt. They express the seen and unseen in every individual that creates a priceless masterpiece of you, your children or your family that will be loved by all, valued by you and cherished for generations to come.


E-Mail : phillipbutah@yahoo.co.uk

For appointment bookings or media related requests please contact.