A Visual Journey

From a chat we had a while ago, to it actually being on the shelf ‘A Visual Journey‘, a book by Ed and myself came out this month in the US. It’s been out since October in the UK and has already become a Times Bestseller. People keep calling it an autobiography but it isn’t, it’s more of a retrospective of Eds career so far told through my work.

Putting the book together was no easy task but the other day I went to WHSmith and there it was. I felt weird seeing it there sitting amongst all the other titles but that bright green can’t be missed. Much like Eds ‘X‘ album that I also worked on, the fastest selling album of 2014..just saying.

The book signing was colossal, we signed 1,500 books in one sitting. Ed wrote personalised messages in each one. If you couldn’t make it down I’ve posted a video so you get a taste of the event. So it’s been I busy time, I don’t usually celebrate thanksgiving in England but this year I think I might.

Ed Sheeran and Phillip Butah at book signing in Manchester

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Artist Addiction: iLLESTration

When art doesn’t inspire me to be better it becomes completely irrelevant. I can’t say that though about my latest Artist Addiction, Olivia “ilLLESTration” Odiwe. The 23 year old, North London based artist is really one to watch. iLLESTration’s artwork mixes graffiti with wild brush strokes and even illusion to create portraits, which come together as if out of thin air. When you look at them its hard to pinpoint where they start and finish. I can look at them for hours because of the way she dissects the faces she paints and then puts them back together in her own unique way. The fluid nature of @iLLESTration_ portraits is what makes them so successful, they are an exploration of colour. Though there is a pop culture theme throughout her work, she isn’t bound by any one particular style or genre. She instinctively knows how a image speaks to her and is able to interpret the vibe on canvas.

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Nelson Mandela’s Legacy

The world has been mourning the loss of Nelson Mandela so I was thought, what is Mandela’s legacy? I mean when I think about him in his latter days, I usually think of some celebrity/politician/public figure photographed with him. But he was more than some sort of mascot that celebrities used to verify themselves. He was a simple man who just stood for what he believed in and was prepared to die for those beliefs. Mandela was supposed to die a long and painful death in prison but he didn’t. He emerged from 27 years locked up in prison, old and worn down but still fiercely determined. He showed the world that forgiveness really does make you free, in every way. This I feel is Nelson Mandela’s biggest lesson and gift to the world, the power of forgiveness, It points back to Jesus for me. Forgiving those who hurt us continually, if we all did that for one day just think what the next 24 hours would be like.

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The Ellen Degeneres Show and @nardwuar

Its still weird to see my work around town for +, but the other day I was online an saw Ed on Ellen’s show. Ed did the most incredible performance of A-Team and in the clip you can actually see Ellen holding the work which was a shocker. Here’s the performance. Ed Sheeran Performs ‘The A-Team on Ellen And a huge thank you to @nardwuar for giving me a shout out on another interview with Ed. Nardwuar is a really funny guy who know his stuff, follow him at @nardwuar doot doot!

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OK! Nigeria

Hope your all having a good summer. So I recently did an interview for OK! Magazine Nigeria’s 3rd issue. An here’s a peek from the magazine. Nigeria has always been one of the places in Africa that I’ve wanted to visit and I look forward to visiting. Read this an catch up on other stories at www.oknigeria.com.

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Artist Addiction: Will Prince Art

Will Prince is a 19 year old artist from Cumbria an is my new artist addiction. His work is phenomenal. Will uses he own technique of drawing and computer graphics to make his stunning pieces . His work is very expressive and his lines in the work seem to have a life of their own, which create exaggerated yet real portraits. What I like the most about Will Prince’s work, is that his style is completely his own. Its wacky, serious, charming and funny. Please be sure to check out his work at Will Prince Art.

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The Cat Diaries

Hey people, now I’m not a cat person – at all. Their evil stares, pompous attitude and general disregard for your feelings doesn’t do it for me. However this video, made by Marcus Noble is so funny I had to share it with you. Enjoy!

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Happy new year

Happy new year! Hope your all well. Thanks for all your support, and comments. This year I’ll be posting much much so keep visiting x

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You had issues 2011…see ya!

So as we say goodbye to 2011, I’ll just tell you a few things I want to see in 2012 and things I wish 2011 would die with. Hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and all the best for 2012!!

Don’t follow us into 2012:

  • The word ‘ swagger ‘
  • Big Brother and American Idol
  • Film remakes, prequels, sequels, trilogies
  • UK rioting
  • Annoying crazes eg. Planking


Hopefully see these things next year:

  • less dance euro pop music – much less
  • more community outreach schemes
  • cheaper London transport
  • More people preaching the gospel and not about getting stuff
  • loving each other like the brothers an sisters we all are                                                                           
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Meeting H.R.H. The Prince of Wales

I get so many questions about this, so I finally decided its time you tell you all about my historic sittings with H.R.H. Prince Charles. I was invited to H.R.H’s home throughout 2009, to do the sittings which lasted between 40-60mins. I couldn’t quite believe at the time, that I was going to his house but he settled my initial nerves by being so nonchalant. His home was beautiful and kinda what you would expect. There are ornate objects, fascinating sculptures and large paintings everywhere which I would look at uninterrupted while I walked the corridors of his home. There’s even red carpet in the bathroom!

Sitting with Prince Charles though was fascinating in itself. His stories, demeanour and presence don’t make you feel like a subject. It feels more like being with your kind uncle. He talks very passionately and gets quite shy at times. He was very interested in my life an career which was a shock to me and he asked me all types of questions. When he saw the work his reaction was priceless and he was shocked what I noticed about his face. H.R.H. Prince Charles was a pleasure to draw, he didn’t complain once in the periods he sat for and was one of the most gracious an intriguing people I’ve ever met in my life. The sittings where conducted in over 6 months and the work now resides in his home.

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