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Angelica Zambrano ’23 hours in Heaven and Hell’

This is the incredible testimony of a young Ecuadorian girl named Angelica Zambrano who was shown the kingdoms of Heaven and Hell. This is a complete must see for everyone who has ever had questions about the afterlife. Does God exist? Is the Devil actually real? Is Heaven a real place? Is Hell a real place? If so why would God allow anyone to go to Hell? This isn’t easy viewing but as controversial as it is, it will make you question your own life and your own salvation.

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The A Team

Ed Sheeran is releasing his new single soon for ‘ The A Team ‘ so when my brother asked me to be part of this new album and create work, it was a no brainer. Working with Ed is great, he has grown up around art and really understands it in a way that is hard to come across. This portrait I did is based on the actual video for the single. The song itself is compelling, emotional and sad to say quite a common story in the city. I like the devotional feel of the portrait and the desperation of it all.

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Hands say more….

So recently I had the complete privilege to do a photo shoot with my friend Leon Thompson. Leon is a very talented photographer who I’ve wanted to work with for a long while now. Being comfortable infront of the camera was a struggle for me, as I’m so used to looking at others when I draw. However Leon is very passionate about his craft an we shot all afternoon. He said how he can tell so much about a person from their hands. Here’s one of his pieces he shot of my hands.

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