Angelica Zambrano ’23 hours in Heaven and Hell’

This is the incredible testimony of a young Ecuadorian girl named Angelica Zambrano who was shown the kingdoms of Heaven and Hell. This is a complete must see for everyone who has ever had questions about the afterlife. Does God exist? Is the Devil actually real? Is Heaven a real place? Is Hell a real place? If so why would God allow anyone to go to Hell? This isn’t easy viewing but as controversial as it is, it will make you question your own life and your own salvation.

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  1. Juliet G. Villapania says:

    I really do believed what Angelica said about her Testimony. Please I beg everybody to help PRAY for the Total Conversion of all the Sinners all over the World. they need our help. because if we will not PRAY for them,as if we are the one throwing them to fire. so please PERSEVERE with our daily PRAYER until they will all CHANGE..

    our MOTTO must be like this…



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