Ed Sheeran No.5 Collaborations Project.

If you don’t know about Ed Sheeran, howcomes? lol. Ed is an amazingly talented guy who I’ve known since back in the day. Above being a unique talent. He’s a modest, down to earth, kind friend whose humility makes him all the more endearing. I was thrilled when he asked me to be a part of his ‘No.5 Collaborations Project‘ album and come up with some work. Ed had been working on the album with Jake Gosling who produced also. I went down to Sticky Studios to meet up with Ed who had been going 12 days straight working on the music. He was shattered but kept going…singing an laying his vocals. As we were all vibing to the music I we came up with this.

Although I was, Ed wasn’t too keen on this. So after some creative differences…lol ( all with love tho), we came up with this idea which went on to be used for the album cover. I had alot of fun doing this, Ed is great to work with. I hope you all enjoy this album, which as I type is at number 2 on itunes…incredible! Let’s make it number 1. And I hope your feeling the cover art too ; ) God bless.

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