Nelson Mandela’s Legacy

The world has been mourning the loss of Nelson Mandela so I was thought, what is Mandela’s legacy? I mean when I think about him in his latter days, I usually think of some celebrity/politician/public figure photographed with him. But he was more than some sort of mascot that celebrities used to verify themselves. He was a simple man who just stood for what he believed in and was prepared to die for those beliefs. Mandela was supposed to die a long and painful death in prison but he didn’t. He emerged from 27 years locked up in prison, old and worn down but still fiercely determined. He showed the world that forgiveness really does make you free, in every way. This I feel is Nelson Mandela’s biggest lesson and gift to the world, the power of forgiveness, It points back to Jesus for me. Forgiving those who hurt us continually, if we all did that for one day just think what the next 24 hours would be like.

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