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So I tend to watch Sky News really late at night and I’d thought I share their newest newsreader with you. Now if your reading this in the States your probably thinking, what’s the big deal? However the last Afro/Caribbean male newsreader I remember in the U.K. was Sir Trevor McDonald. An finally on Sky News here he is Gamal Fahnbulleh, I don’t know much about this dude but I was so happy to see him up there reading the news. You can get inspired from anywhere.

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  1. Sue says:

    I know Gamal and he is an excellent guy, very down to earth and genuine. Sky News is all the better for him and I hope he will carry on to follow in Sir Trevor’s footsteps.

  2. Gary says:

    Hang on – he’s not the only black male newsreader on British TV!!! I’m black, and though we’re a small mnority in the UK, there are/have been plenty of black and other ethnic minority male AND female news presenters on British TV!!!

    For a start, how about BBC’s long-serving newsreader/corrspondent Clive Myrie (he’s Afro-Caribbean, is on BBC News Channel regularly and was presenting BBC One’s News at 10 last week!), then there’s the Afro-Caribbean Tony Morris, the main co-presenter of ITV1’s Granada Tonight (incidentally, the programme on which Gamal Fahnbulleh started his TV career!), which is broadcast across North West England in peak time. And there was BBC’s Afro-Caribbean Darren Jordon (now with Al-Jazeera English), while Lizo Mzimba presented BBC Newsround (the world’s first news programme for children, on which there are now TWO Afro-Caribbean co-presenters) & Mzimba is now Entertainment Correspondent on BBC News at 6. Sean Fletcher is Afro-Caribbean and was BBC News main sports newsreader (now with Sky News). Women are important too: Gillian Joseph, who is also Afro-Caribbean, was the main presenter of BBC One’s London News (she’s now with Sky News), and now there’s another ethnic minority presenter who has taken her place: Riz Lateef. There are plenty of other ethnic minority news presenters on British TV: BBC One’s Norhwest Tonight has Ranvir Singh as main co-presenter. Afro-Caribbean black women include the BBC’s longest-serving TV newsreader in history, Moira Stuart, who was presenting main BBC One news programmes for over 25 years, Juliet Foster with the BBC News Business News and Sky’s Lukwesa Burak. BBC’s George Alagiah presents BBC One’s News at 6 nearly every weekday, and Matthew Amroliwallah is on every day on BBC News Channel, while many black’other ethnic minority presenters started on Channel 4 News (in peak time), such as Zeinab Badawi (now with BBC), Shahnaz Pakrivan and Daljit Dhaliwal. Until recently, Samira Ahmed (who started on BBC) was a co-presenter of Ch 4 News (now back on BBC). Krishnan Guru-Murthy is a main presenter of Channel 4 News, while Faisal Islam is Economics Editor. BBC News also has the excellent senior presenter Mishal Husain, who sometimes presents BBC One’s News at 10 – she was the main presenter of BBC’s superb Olympics programmes, ITV News has Nina Hossain as a main presenter, BBC Two’s ‘Daily Politics’ presenter Anita Anand appeared almost every day, until she moved to BBC Radio Five recently. And how about Alice Bhandhukravi, who has stood in for both Gillian Joseph and Riz Lateef on BBC London News?! And don’t forget Rizo Hizon and Sharanjit Leyl, who are main co-presenters of BBC’s Newsday, simulcast on BBC News Channel and the international satellite’global BBC World News network!!!

    We ARE a small minority in the UK, but ethnic minorities are comparatively well-represented on TV. Just look at our representation on main channels in Germany or France, or other European countries, and you’ll find that things are FAR, FAR worse there! And a MAIN network black news presenter in Europe, Australia or Canada, who has presented for YEARS, like Moira Stuart, Trevor McDonald or Clive Myrie? FORGETABOUTIT!!! 😉

  3. Janjay Peters says:

    I’m from Liberia and live in the USA and was so happy in seeing a British Liberian reading or presenting on sky news . I was so proud of him .

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